Location: West Chester, PA
Country: United States
Company Order Number: 9719
Job Family: Manufacturing
# of openings: 1


Johnson Matthey (‘JM’) is a global leader in science that enables a cleaner and healthier world. With over 200 years of sustained commitment to innovation and technological breakthroughs, we improve the function, performance and safety of our customers’ products. Our science has a global impact in areas such as low emission transport, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and making the most efficient use of the planet’s natural resources. Today more than 14,000 Johnson Matthey professionals collaborate with our network of customers and partners to make a real difference to the world around us.


The responsibilities of the Electro-Mechanic are to inspect, repair, install, adjust, and maintain all mechanical equipment and electrical apparatus in a major producing unit or an assigned area including electronic instrumentation and controls, and circuits of any voltage in the plant or assigned area, including DC and AC from 110 to 480. Able to diagnose and repair solid state electrical components. Performs such of the following activities as may be required and assist other Mechanics, Electricians and Electromechanical personnel in the performance of their duties.

Shift: 2nd (3-11:30 pm)

Key Responsibilities

  • Receives instruction covering the schedule covering the schedule and emergency repair, installation and inspection work to be done
  • Inspects plant equipment for defects such as: misalignment, wear, insufficient lubrication, etc.
  • Determines the best way of making repairs to minimize interruption of production
  • Plans details of working procedure to affect the most logical approach to the job
  • Advises when immediate shutdown of equipment is necessary to minimize damage or when temporarily
  • Dismantles, cleans, repairs, replaces, installs, maintains, assembles, lubricate, and adjusts equipment for proper operation
  • Operate single machine
  • Erects scaffolds, performs rigging as necessary, and safety barriers as required
  • Interprets drawings and sketches, plans details of working procedure, tools and material requirements, and selects material suitable for job
  • Operates mechanical lifting devices in the performances of his or her duties
  • Prepares surface for welding in all positions, makes any type and size weld, preheats parts when required
  • Cleans, grinds and flame anneal parts and welded joints as required; uses burning equipment to dismantle assemblies to cut material to size and shape
  • Sets up and operates pipe bending, threading and cut-off equipment and uses various hand tools, shapes, fabricate and installs pipe as required for transport of gases and liquids
  • Sets up and operate sheet metal fabricating equipment
  • Fabricates and installs ductwork for heating and ventilating
  • Makes calculations essential in estimating material requirements
  • Sets up and operates wood working tools as required
  • Performs a variety of rough or finished carpentry work
  • Installs prefabricated wood and metal parts, performs glazing as required
  • Dismantles various types of roofing and siding
  • Operates and maintains boiler and mechanical equipment such as, but not limited to, air compressors, emergency generators, and ventilating equipment, boiler- feed water pumps. And HVAC units
  • Prepares surface for painting, prepares and applies paints and coating as required
  • Utilizes company vehicle for maintenance functions
  • Receives wiring diagrams, specification and instructions covering the scheduled and emergency repair, installation and inspection of work to be done
  • Analyzes all types of drawings and wiring diagrams to locate and install circuits and equipment to determine material or replacement needs and to select a logical approach to “trouble shooting” and repair problems
  • Consider all safety precautions and proper isolation of circuits to cause a minimum of interference to operations
  • Plans detail of working procedure to affect the most logical approach to the job
  • Plans and performs work requiring a thorough working knowledge of electrical principles, writing specifications codes, properties of various materials and principles of operation and application of equipment
  • Locates sources of trouble of any type of electrical equipment by tracing and testing circuits and inspecting for faulty operation
  • Dismantles, inspects, repair, adjust or replaces faculty parts and wiring on motors, generators, power distribution and control panels, circuit’s breakers, rectifiers, electronic devices, etc.
  • Reassembles, tests, and adjusts equipment for safe and proper operation
  • Performs work on “hot” lines as required
  • Replaces coils, resistors, rheostats, relays, etc.
  • Adjusts contactors, relays, bus rigging, etc.
  • Reconnects terminal leads, panel boards and distribution feeders
  • In emergencies, shunts out defective coils in order to get equipment back in operation
  • Changes DC motors characteristics by shunting series coils, etc.
  • Installs conduit, fitting, switches, controls and fixtures, and wires and connects all types of electrical equipment required for new installation for replacement of facilities
  • Makes all required splices and connector joints
  • Adjusts all new equipment for proper operating characteristics
  • Employees assigned to work with hazardous wastes are trained and qualified in proper management practices for hazardous wastes that they handle
  • Exercise all safety precautions


Are you the ideal candidate?

  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Previous electrical and mechanical experience; manufacturing plant environment preferred
  • Welding experience preferred
  • Knowledge of programmable controllers and PLC logic relays.

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