Music Director/Programming Assistant/On-Air Talent

Location: IN – Indianapolis


Music Director/Programming Assistant/On-Air Talent

To competently* and professionally* optimize all music elements; assist with administration duties in the Programming Department. To competently* and professionally* provide continuity and surveillance information in a professional, knowledgeable and entertaining way and will be active in pre-show strategy and execution while staying within the negotiated job responsibilities at all times.


The ideal candidate will have:

  • High School Diploma
  • Management experience is a plus
  • Impressive Social Media footprint


  • Music
  • Announcing
  • Administration
  • Customer Liaison  
  • Self-Management
  • Professional Development

OBJECTIVES (by Responsibility):


  1. Listen to, develop and maintain informed opinion on music supplied to the radio station on an ongoing basis.                                                       
  2. Make decisions as to appropriateness of music for airplay on an on-going basis. 
  3. Maintain music library on a weekly basis.
  4. Liaison with external music sources and suppliers as required on a daily basis.
  5. Assist Operations Manager/Program Director in development and maintenance of all clocks, rotations, category compositions, rules etc. as they relate to music scheduling.
  6. Schedule and troubleshoot daily music logs.
  7. Maintain/update database and music software as required.
  8. Generate and distribute music reports as required.
  9. Meet with music reps, promotion people from record labels and or mangers on music day
  10. Speak with with music reps, promotion people from record labels and or mangers on music call days
  11. Attend and coordinate mix show meeting to insure the best music is placed on the mix show list
  12. Generate and distribute of the weekly mix show list
  13. Generate and distribute weekly request sheet
  14. Oversee production elements for the station
  15. Recommend programming, promotions and marketing opportunities
  16. Serve as the programming/sales liaison
  17. Monitor stations to ensure proper jock formatics, commercials and promos
  18. Secure national talent to for station events
  19. Schedule station music daily via Selector
  20. Write station promos and imaging 
  21. Work closely with Sales and Promotions Department to create non-traditional revenue opportunities


  1. Schedule on-air talent on a weekly and as-required basis.
  2. Coordinate with other staff members to ensure programming airs as required.
  3. Train appropriate staff in operation of on-air technology as required.
  4. Communicate daily with Operations Manager/Program Director to report and trouble-shoot on all operational discrepancies and issues of non-performance.
  5. Assist Program Director with market research
  6. Attend, assist and help coordinate major station promotions and promotions      
  7. Assist Operations Manager/Program Director with the day to day programming operations
  8. To work with the station's Web Editor to ensure content and promotions are relevant to the target audience

Customer Liaison

  1. To assist Operations Manager/Program Director in dealing with listener complaints and suggestions on an ongoing basis.
  2. To respond to any and all music queries from listeners when needed.
  3. To appropriately represent the company when attending relevant industry and community related events on an ongoing basis.


  1. To ensure that appropriate Self-Management is exercised at all times, as it applies to the overall function and specifically as it relates to:


  • Overall Professionalism
  • Judgment
  • Propriety
  • Dress Code (consistent with your  job function, including appropriate grooming)
  • Confidentiality (at all times)
  • Managing Emotions (Emotional Maturity and control in all situations)
  • Taking Initiative (may include taking risks)
  • Being self-directed
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Being accountable
  • Self-critiquing
  • Accepting and growing with others Critiques.
  • Being objective (issue relevant)
  • Building and maintaining workable relationships
  • Suspending judgment (when relevant)
  • Not discriminating
  • Being accepting rather than judgmental (when appropriate)
  • Allowing others their feelings
  • Extending common courtesies
  • Behaving out of a sense of urgency (when appropriate)
  • Striving for Balance
  • Appropriately delegating
  • Evolving self-awareness
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making (within scope of the function)

Professional Development

  1. To investigate and participate in relevant skill building workshops as it applies to the ongoing development of the function.
  2. To stay current with all relevant industry information as it applies to the overall job responsibility.
  3. To drive my own Performance Appraisal every six months.

On Air

  • Continuity
  • Surveillance
  • Music Knowledge and Appreciation

Off Air

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Public Appearances

OBJECTIVES (by Responsibility):

On Air


  1. To ensure that appropriate continuity is maintained at all times while on the air.  This includes:
  • Programming links
  • Set-ups and Transitions (music identification to co-host, or any pre-taped items etc.).
  1. To appropriately re-enforce the radio station identity and program at all times.  This includes:
  • Station call letters
  • Positioning statements
  • Creative Hooks
  • Cross Promotion
  • Back sells.  


  1. To professionally (consistently appropriate) deliver all relevant information on an ongoing basis.  This includes:
  • Time checks
  • Weather
  • Temperature check
  • Event Information.

Music Knowledge and Appreciation

  1. To competently (effectively & efficiently) display your knowledge and enthusiasm about and for the music that is played.  This includes:
  • In-depth knowledge of the music being played
  • Understanding listener's tastes
  • Staying in touch with music and all related issues (research, analysis etc.).

Off Air  


  1. To contribute and support the creation of the show on a daily basis.  This includes:
  • Participation in daily post-mortem and planning meeting
  • Participation in daily pre-show meeting.


  1. To appropriately implement all assigned duties from the producer on a daily basis.  This includes:
  • Pre-show  and live interviews
  • Contribution to comedy skits
  • Writing scripts
  • Attending Press conferences, functions and events
  • Researching background material.
  • Researching stories relevant to the core audience to post on the station's web page
  1. To ensure that all relevant material for the show is competently prepared on a daily basis.  This includes:
  • Assigned promotion mentions
  • Reviewing commercial logs for live tags
  • Scanning daily newspaper for any relevant items
  • Reviewing promo cards for possible on air use etc..

Public Appearances

  1. To professionally (consistently appropriate) and competently (effectively & efficiently) appear in public when and where required on an ongoing basis.  This includes:
  • Participation in station remote broadcasts
  • Preparation as required

Representation at charity events, community events etc.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

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