Marketing Director

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Marketing Director

As the head of the promotions department, competently and professionally manage all promotion department activities while staying aligned with the Company’s overall strategic direction, philosophies and goals.


The ideal candidate will have:

·         A minimum of 5 years of proven marketing and promotional experience;

·         Four-year college degree;

·         Skills in internet digital applications;

·         Proven sales experience and public relations.


  • Planning
  • Administration
  • Staff Management
  • Promotions
  • Interdepartmental Liaison
  • Professional Development

OBJECTIVES (by Responsibility)


1.       Prepare the annual budget.


2.       Develop and implement procedures of excellence for outside events and digital integration.


3.       Manage and control marketing expenditures of the market to conform to budgetary requirements.


4.       Implement procedures for maintaining consistent marketing presentations for all stations.


5.       Manage all promotional aspects of the Radio One Cluster with specific responsibility for one station.


1.       Work with Programming and Sales to develop programs that generate revenue for the cluster.

2.       Manage all on-air contests and promotions.

3.       Oversee the Internship program

4.       Manage and conduct regular meetings with the Remote Techs, Promotion Directors, and promotional assistants.

5.       Train staff to execute on-air and on-site events.

Staff Management

1.       Direct reports include two promotion directors; all promotion assistants; promotion coordinator.

2.       To ensure all reporting staff has the necessary skills to perform their assigned Job Responsibilities at the highest level of professionalism (consistently appropriate) and competence (effective and efficient) on an ongoing basis.

3.       To maintain high performance and effectively deal with identified non-performance in a timely manner (within 48 hours).

4.       To ensure and support all full time direct reporting staff in doing their own Performance Appraisals every six months.

5.       To recruit and train new staff when and where required.

6.       To ensure that appropriate Self-Management is exercised at all times, as it applies to the overall function and specifically as it relates to:


  • Overall Professionalism
  • Judgment
  • Propriety
  • Dress code (should be consistent with your job function, including appropriate grooming)
  • Confidentiality (at all times)
  • Managing Emotions (Emotional Maturity and control in all situations)
  • Taking Initiative (may include taking risks)
  • Being self-directed
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Being accountable
  • Self-critiquing
  • Accepting and growing with others Critique 
  • Being objective (issue relevant)
  • Building and maintaining workable relationships
  • Suspending judgment (when relevant)
  • Not discriminating
  • Being accepting rather than judgmental (when appropriate)
  • Allowing others their feelings
  • Extending common courtesies
  • Behaving out of a sense of urgency (when appropriate)
  • Striving for Balance
  • Appropriately delegating
  • Evolving self-awareness
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making (within scope of the function)



1.       To develop, implement and monitor effective and relevant Promotions plans on an ongoing basis with close attention to client, listener, and internal staff satisfaction.

2.       To keep an up-to-date annual plan of Promotion Activity with all major projects released to the Local and National Representatives a minimum of two months prior to each start date.

3.       To proactively respond to client promotional requests.

4.       To develop and maintain cross promotional pool of clients as a tool for programming promotions.

5.       To build revenue opportunities to capitalize on promotional services and pro-actively plan new revenue from emerging technologies.

6.       To ensure progress reports and final wrap-up reports for the clients are prepared within 14 days at the end of all "umbrella promotions" and where requested by the client or agency.

7.       To act as a controlled resource in terms of coordinating client support of Station Promotion initiatives.  

Interdepartmental Liaison

  1. To ensure effective interdepartmental communication as it applies to the ongoing execution of this functions main responsibilities at all times.
  2. To assist the Sales and Programming Departments in capitalizing on manufacturer funded business through identifying leads and assisting Account Executives in developing advertising and promotion ideas for these prospects.

Professional Development

  1. Seek out, create and implement new avenues to grow the station's brands in the market.
  2. To stay current with all relevant industry information as it applies to the overall job responsibility and implement new avenues to achieve the cluster's marketing goals.
  3. To drive your own Performance Appraisal every six months.



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