Local Sales Manager

Location: PA – Philadelphia


Local Sales Manager

To competently* and professionally* annually attain the negotiated and required Sales goals by providing appropriate proactive Management while staying aligned with the relevant overall Company's strategic direction, philosophies and goals.


  • Bachelor's degree (B. A.) from four-year college or university;
  • one to two years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • minimum of 5 years radio experience necessary;
  • prior management experience preferred
  • Valid driver's license and state mandated automobile insurance.


  • Staff Management
  • Planning
  • Customer Liaison
  • Administration

Professional Development

OBJECTIVES (by Responsibility):

Staff Management

1.       To ensure that all reporting staff have the necessary skills to perform their assigned Job Responsibilities at the highest level professionalism (consistently appropriate) and competence (effective and efficient) on an ongoing basis.  This includes all the sub-tasks laid out in the detailed Sales Representative job description.

2.       To maintain High Performance and effectively deal with Identified Non-Performance in a timely manner (within 48 hours).

3.       To ensure and support all direct reporting staff in doing their own Performance Appraisals every thirty days.

4.       To recruit and train new sales and sales support staff when and where required.

5.       To ensure that appropriate Self-Management is exercised at all times, as it applies to   the overall function and specifically as it relates to:


  • Overall Professionalism
  • Judgement
  • Propriety
  • Dress code (should be consistent with your job function, including appropriate grooming)
  • Confidentiality (at all times)
  • Managing Emotions (Emotional Maturity and control in all situations)
  • Taking Initiative (may include taking risks)
  • Being self-directed
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Being accountable
  • Self-critiquing
  • Accepting and growing with others Critique
  • Being objective (issue relevant)
  • Building and maintaining workable relationships
  • Suspending judgment (when relevant)
  • Not discriminating
  • Being accepting rather than judgmental (when appropriate)
  • Allowing others their feelings
  • Extending common courtesies
  • Behaving out of a sense of urgency (when appropriate)
  • Striving for Balance
  • Appropriately delegating
  • Evolving self-awareness
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making (within scope of the function)




1.       To develop, implement and monitor a comprehensive monthly, quarterly and annual Sales Plan to ensure that the station meets the negotiated annual Sales revenues on an ongoing basis.

2.       To regularly and when relevant consult with internal and external resources to solicit objective input as it relates to the overall planning process.

3.       To investigate and stay current with all relevant information as it applies to identified competitors an ongoing basis.

Customer Liaison

1.       To effectively, deal with customer complaints and suggestions on an ongoing basis.

2.       To co-ordinate the appropriate allocation of relevant company resources as it applies to ongoing sales issues and concerns.

3.       To appropriately represent the company when attending relevant industry and community related events on an ongoing basis.


1.       To approve and monitor sick leave and vacation schedule on an ongoing basis.

2.       To document all relevant information as it applies to the sales process on an ongoing basis.          

3.       To develop, implement and monitor all relevant department policies & procedures on an ongoing basis.

4.       To attend Management, Promotion and Sales meetings as needed.

5.       To "trouble-shoot" on relevant Operational issues as needed.  

6.       To ensure that effective interdepartmental communication occurs on an ongoing basis.

Professional Development

1.       To investigate and participate in relevant skill building workshops as it applies to the ongoing development of the function.

2.       To stay current with all relevant industry information as it applies to the overall job responsibility.

3.       To drive your own Performance Appraisal every thirty days.

*Professionalism is described as being consistently appropriate in all situations and at all times

*Competence is defined as using "effectiveness and efficiency" in equal measure at all times


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

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