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TITLE:                                   Internal Employee Job Application Policy & Procedures
APPLIES TO:                       All VillageCare Employees
PREPARED BY:                   Human Resources Department

VillageCare encourages employees to apply for open positions within the organization. 

This policy and procedure applies to all employees and programs/departments in the organization.

For an existing VillageCare employee to be eligible for an open position within the organization, the employee must be either a full-time or part-time employee, in their current position for a minimum of six months and be in good standing.  Temporary or per-diem employees must be in good standing within the three month period preceding the application.  Exceptions to these eligibility criteria may be made at the discretion of Human Resources and the hiring manager.

An employee is considered in good standing when in the last six months, they have no performance issues and/or disciplinary actions, currently is not on a Performance Improvement Plan and have no time and attendance issues.

Qualifications for the Open Position:
Before applying, employees are responsible for reviewing the qualifications for the open position to ensure that they meet them.  Human Resources and the hiring manager reserve the right to determine if the employee meets the qualifications of the job.

Employees who meet the qualifications and are interested in applying for an open position within the organization must:

The employee will receive confirmation when the application is received.

Interview Process:

  • A recruiter from the Human Resources Department will reach out to the employee to schedule a phone interview for the open position
  • As part of the phone interview the recruiter will discuss the salary range of the new position which may be the same, higher or lower than the employee’s current position
  • Within three days of the phone interview, if the recruiter determines that the employee meets the experience and minimum qualifications for the position, and the employee wants to pursue the position, the employee will be notified for an in-person interview with the hiring manager
  • Depending on the position, in addition to the hiring manager, the employee may be required to interview with others involved in the hiring decision
  • After the interview process has been completed the employee will be notified by Human Resources of the status of their application and any next steps

Employees Transitioning Into a New Role:

  • When an internal employee is selected for an open position, the recruiter, new manager and current manager will work together to develop a detailed transition plan outlining when the employee will move into the new role and what the expectations will be for them to support backfilling their current role.
  • Best efforts will be made to seamlessly transition employees into their new role while supporting impacted departments.

*Does not apply to employees hired through agencies


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